The Valkyrie

A drama in three acts by Richard Wagner
First day of the stage festival play »The Nibelung's Ring«
With Surtitles

»Is all, then, at end with the glory of godhood?«

In 1848, inspired by the medieval Nibelungen, the mythical race of dwarves, Richard Wagner turned his attention to the fate of the dragon slayer Siegfried. However, a single opera was not enough to deal with the Norse Prometheus, a truly free individual who faced up to the traditional pantheon in a bid to improve society. Delving ever deeper into the background of his hero, the opera project took shape as a tetralogy.

Its second part – »The Valkyrie« – deals with Siegfried’s parents, the twins Siegmund and Sieglinde. Their tragic romance becomes part of a complex plot devised by Wotan, father of the gods, to prevent the downfall of Valhalla. However, Wotan becomes embroiled in his own laws and is forced to relinquish control. Siegmund is killed and the Valkyrie Brünnhilde, Wotan’s favourite daughter, is banished to a rock by her father. The pregnant Sieglinde can escape …



Currently there are no futher known events.

Opening Night
Sat. 8 September 2018

Conductor GMD Kimbo Ishii
Director Jakob Peters-Messer
Set Designer Guido Petzold
Costume Designer Sven Bindseil
Dramaturg Ulrike Schröder

Siegmund Richard Furman
Sieglinde Noa Danon
Hunding Johannes Stermann
Brünnhilde Julia Borchert
Wotan Lucia Lucas
Fricka Ks. Undine Dreißig
Helmwige Jeanett Neumeister
Gerhilde Raffaela Lintl
Ortlinde Uta Zierenberg
Waltraute Monica Mascus
Siegrune Isabel Stüber Malagamba
Rossweiße Emilie Renard
Grimgerde Lucia Cervoni
Schwertleite Henriette Gödde

Aufführungsdauer: 4:45 h (inkl. Pausen)



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