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Giacomo Puccini

Dramma lirico in three acts
Libretto by Giuseppe Adami and Renato Simoni
Sung in Italian with German surtitles

Opening Night

25. 1.

Opernhaus Bühne

The Chinese princess Turandot refuses to comply with her state-imposed purpose to marry. She has managed to compromise with her father, who acknowledges she must only marry the man who answers her three riddles. The stakes are high, though, as one wrong answer could lead to beheading. Nonetheless, Prince Calaf is not afraid: Neither the faithful love of the servant Liù nor the concern for his old father can stop him from confronting Turandot’s questions. In this fight for life and death, Liù is forced into harm’s way...

Giacomo Puccini simply could not finish his last opera. The opera dramatist who – with great musical exuberance – was intent on extreme succinctness, found no conclusive »happy ending« for his icy princess and her death-defying marriage candidate. He, unfortunately, died in the process. It is, therefore, all the more exciting to tell the full story of Turandot, Calaf, and Liù in a credible manner almost 100 years after the premiere.

Conductor GMD Anna Skryleva
Director/Set Designer Michiel Dijkema
Costume Designer Jula Reindell
Dramaturg Ulrike Schröder
Chorus Director Martin Wagner

Turandot Orla Boylan
Altoum Manfred Wulfert
Timur Johannes Stermann
Calaf Aldo Di Toro/Kristian Benedikt
Liù Raffaela Lintl
Ping Marko Pantelić
Pang Jonathan Winell
Pong Benjamin Lee
Ein Mandarin Paul Sketris

Opernchor des Theaters Magdeburg
Magdeburger Singakademie
Opernkinderchor des Konservatoriums »Georg Philipp Telemann«
Magdeburgische Philharmonie

Aufführungsdauer: 2:30 h (inkl. Pause)



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