Tanzbegegnungen 8

A new evening of dance | World Premiere

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»›Tanzbegegnungen‹ is an exciting experiment of the Magdeburg Theatre's ballet company, which enchants with the directness of its experience.«
Rolf-Dietmar Schmidt, »Volksstimme«

For the third time young dancers of the Magdeburg Ballet perform dance choreographies with and for their colleagues as part of the experimental dance series »Tanzbegegnungen«. The audience and the critics were so impressed that the director of the ballet Gonzalo Galguera wants to expand this vision: he invites young choreographers to create new choreographies for this dance evening in the Studio. This promises to be another exciting evening with the intimate atmosphere in the Studio producing »the kind of exhilaration you cannot find anywhere else«, as the »Volksstimme« newspaper said of »Tanzbegegnungen 6«.



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Opening Night
Sat. 26 January 2019

Play house / Studio


Choreografie / Regie
Francesco Annarumma (Strange Creatures)
Martin Buczkó, Anna Dordevic (White Elephant)
Bühne Christiane Hercher
Kostüme Stephan Stanisic
Dramaturgie Ulrike Schröder

Strange Creatures
Julie Bruneau, Brianna Hicke, Antanina Maksimovich, Beatrice Piastra, Cristina Salamon Lama, Jonathan Milton, Raúl Pita Caballero, Giorgio Tinari, Adrián Román Ventura

White Elephant
Julie Bruneau, Anastasia Gavrilenkova, Brianna Hicke / Antanina Maksimovich, Joey Ham, Andreas Loos / Giorgio Tinari, Jesús Marrero Díaz, Raúl Pita Caballero

Aufführungsdauer: 1:30 h (inkl. Pausen)



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