The history of Theater Magdeburg

With its own ensembles for musical theatre, ballet, concerts and stage plays, Theater Magdeburg is the state capital’s theatre with four artistic divisions. It was created through the amalgamation of the Theater der Landeshauptstadt and the Freie Kammerspiele in 2004.

The Opera House on Universitätsplatz is a tradition-conscious venue for musical theatre, ballet and concerts.

Opera Magdeburg is the musical theatre branch of Theater Magdeburg. It houses a proficient operatic ensemble, the popular Ballett Magdeburg and the Magdeburgische Philharmonie, which enjoys a national reputation. The schedule covers a wide range of theatrical events, from major operas to symphony concerts, operettas to musicals, ballet littéraire to interdisciplinary theatrical evenings and intelligent burlesque to small opera formats.

There is also a constantly evolving range of evening programmes at Café Rossini, Theaterjugendclub performances at Podium, special events such as operetta galas, appearances by prominent guest artists and much more.

Ensembles from Opera Magdeburg also make guest appearances in other European countries and beyond. Every summer, Theater Magdeburg organises DomplatzOpenAir, a major, nationally-regarded series of open-air musical performances on Domplatz.

Both the Opera House and the Schauspielhaus regularly stage ambitious repertory performances for young audiences of six to 13 year-olds. Theater Magdeburg currently has the largest youth theatre club in Germany; the youth club also performs regularly at national festivals.

Schauspiel Magdeburg is the drama division of Theater Magdeburg. Since the autumn of 2005 it has been based in the modernised Schauspielhaus on Otto-von-Guericke Strasse (Friedensplatz, close to Hasselbachplatz). Works representing all eras and genres are performed. As a modern repertory theatre, Schauspiel Magdeburg is devoted to contemporary drama, both domestic and foreign. The schedule draws together a wide range of directorial styles and concepts; it is open to all types of performing arts and all manner of possibilities.

The drama theatre is also reaching out into the city – not just through the Bürger Ensemble Magdeburg, which has made a promising start, but also with nightclubs, jazz, premières and other offers.